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An excellent colour matched light ‘pea green’ Blancoed set of mixed vintage 1908 pattern webbing. The set consists of the waist belt, shoulder straps, entrenching tool and carrier, left and right ammunition pouches, water bottle complete with water bottle, small pack and bayonet frog. The set appears to have been ‘Blancoed’ with water proof emulsion type Blanco rather than water based powder Blanco. The right pouch has been Salvage Corps repaired to a very high standard. The parts carry various dates from 1915 through too 1940 indicating that it has probably been refurbished for re - issue due to the general shortage of webbing etc. caused by the loss of the British army’s equipment at the time of the Dunkirk evacuation. (All though intended for the regular forces at this point in WW2 and used in large numbers by both the Royal Marines and Royal Navy, the majority of these refurbished equipment sets were how ever issued to OTC and Cadet battalions). The ‘pea green’ finish is indicative / typical of WW1. A good matched set of moderately used webbing, in very good overall condition that requires the addition of only a few parts to complete it.

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